10 Top-Rated Xbox One/ Xbox 360 Gaming Accessories To Pimp out Your Console

Let’s face it, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 packs a lot of amazing game experience processing power within its fairly compact form. It’s a tried and proven gaming console that has excited and engaged even the most cynical and jaded video game fanatic.  

The Xbox 360 has continued the long-standing video game dominance of Microsoft Corporation. The Xbox series is here to stay, to say the least.  

If you are a big fan of Xbox One and Xbox 360 gaming and would like to level up your hardware to maximize your experience, no matter which hot or resource-intensive game appears, pay close attention to the top-rated Xbox 360 gaming accessories below.  

These accessories can go a long way in giving you a much better gaming experience.  

Wireless Controller

You should have a wireless controller so you can maximize your range of motion. There’s nothing more constricting than trying to enjoy Xbox 360 gaming with long wires getting in the way. When you’re getting excited playing an open-world game, you want to move around and get fully engaged in the game.  

You don’t want to get thrown off track trying to avoid the wires or not get tripped up. You don’t have to worry about any of that, thanks to Astarry. Its wireless controller is rechargeable and has an adjustable vibration setting.  

It’s comfortable to use with precise pressure points. There’s nothing complicated with these wireless controllers. They have easy-to-use buttons so you can maximize your motions both in and outside of the game you’re playing. 

Rechargeable Controller Dock

The Nyko rechargeable controller dock easily charges your controller. This way, if you’re using a wireless controller, you can connect to the controller without the need to take the batteries off. This is hassle-free, and it’s very easy to use.  

How easy? After you’re done playing a game, you need to put down your controller, dock them after playing. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to have fully charged batteries when it comes time to start where you left off.  

Just how powerful is this controller recharging dock? We’re talking about up to 25 hours of playing, and it can also charge at the same time you’re enjoying your Xbox 360 gaming adventures.  

Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets 

If you’re looking for much better sound, try this classic Xbox accessory. Turtle Beach has been around for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. This unit is perfect for online gaming. Why shouldn’t it be? It offers great noise cancellation features along with a built-in microphone.  

It even has a microphone monitor; imagine that. It is powered by USB, so there’s no need for pesky and easy to lose batteries. It doesn’t weigh you down in the least bit. It also offers amplified audio complete with a variable bass boost.  

Xbox 360 Kinect 

If you want a full-body Xbox 360 gaming experience, look no further than the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor. This enables you to use a hands-free interface where you use your body to make things happen on the screen in front of you.  

It also comes equipped with RGB cameras and infrared detectors that are mapped out to the depth and movement of the game you’re playing. It features a microphone along with artificial intelligence software. 

It can pick up real-time gestures and speech. It learns from your past movements, so the more you use it, the less you have to train it. It can even support up to four people.  

LED Light Up Wired Controller 

If you’re looking for a good backup controller, you might want to try this product. It has seven LED lights that blink as they function. With a headphone input and microphone jack, this unit completely lights in the dark. Not only is it cool to look at, but you also don’t have to charge its batteries.  

If you’re still unconvinced, please remember that this unit comes with extra precision and rumble controls. What else would you need?  

Wireless Speed Wheel 

If you’re playing a racing game, you know that using the typical Xbox 360 gaming controller can be a hassle. You need to do just certain things in a racing game that you can’t do with the standard equipment that comes with your Xbox 360.  

The good news is that the wireless speed wheel can match the look and feel of driving a Masserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Bugatti. You get into the sense of movement that you get when you’re behind the wheel of an amazing sports car.  

This unit comes complete with the direction pads and button layouts with two triggers. It also has an accelerometer that ensures precise turns. These are exactly the kind of special touches you need to win every single racing game you’re in, hands down.  

Tony Hawk Shred Board 

Look no further than this board if you’re looking for a motion sensor peripheral for the Tony Hawk game. It provides an amazing social gaming experience as well.  

Xbox 360 Messenger Kit 

Use this unit to type messages to your Xbox friends. It features a chat pad above the controller, and it also comes with a headset.  

Custom Faceplate 

If you want to make your Xbox console all your own, you can take things into your own hands and come up with all sorts of customization techniques like a specially-made, engraved plastic cover. You can even put a sheet on top of your Xbox console like a second skin.  

But if you don’t have the time or patience to do any of that, you might want to get a custom faceplate. This is a great way of customizing your Xbox console to reflect your personality and maximize your Xbox 360 gaming experience.  

It truly becomes personal at this point. Some would say it’s a lifestyle.  

Wireless Network Adapter 

You can get a single antenna adapter for your Xbox 360. This comes complete with an encryption mechanism. Plug it into your USB port, and you’re all set.  

That’s right; if you want to maximize seamless gaming and take things to a whole other level as far as your Xbox 360 gaming experience goes, you can’t go wrong with a wireless network adapter.