11 Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Console

It may not seem like it, but purchasing a console is actually quite a commitment.  You’re not just going to set yourself back up to a few hundred bucks buying this piece of hardware, but you’re also going to be tying yourself to a specific platform that can play a certain range of games and … Read more

What Are the Hallmarks of the Best PlayStation and Xbox Games?

Trying to figure out what makes certain PlayStation 3 games successful compared to others is like trying to understand why some families are happy and well-adjusted while others are dysfunctional and miserable.   Well, the good news is that there is a pattern that anybody can figure out. While this pattern doesn’t automatically predict that a … Read more

10 Top-Rated Xbox One/ Xbox 360 Gaming Accessories To Pimp out Your Console

Let’s face it, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 packs a lot of amazing game experience processing power within its fairly compact form. It’s a tried and proven gaming console that has excited and engaged even the most cynical and jaded video game fanatic.   The Xbox 360 has continued the long-standing video game dominance of Microsoft Corporation. … Read more

Is The PS4 The Best Console For You?

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Best PlayStation 3 Emulators for the PC Gamer

Retro games are getting really big. Also, a lot of console gamers prefer to play their favorite titles on the PC. For these and other reasons, there’s been a rise in the number of PlayStation 3 emulators currently available on the Internet.   While a lot of these are decent, only a few stand out. In … Read more