The 7 Best PS4 Gaming Accessories to Level Up Your Gaming Experience

PlayStation 4 gaming is already immersive and amazing on a software level. The PlayStation 4 environment supports a wide range of games that enable you to basically do anything. A lot of high-quality titles have a mandatory PlayStation 4 port.  

It’s easy to think that you are at the mercy of the quality of the video game developer and publisher when it comes to the gaming experience. The truth is, your hardware and peripheral choices also have a big impact on your in-game experience.  

While hardware should not be looked at as a replacement or as a cover for badly needed game design elements, it is also obvious that something is lost in translation if you were just using standard PlayStation 3 gear.  

You want to make sure that the devices that you use to see and hear and maybe physically feel the scene playing out on your screen are specifically designed from the ground up to maximize your experience.  

This focus on the unique PlayStation 3 gaming experience is what drove us to come up with a list of categories of different hardware needs of PlayStation 3 gamers. Once we have this list compiled, we then checked out all the available gear currently on the market that caters to these needs. Enjoy the list below. 

1. dreamGEAR Dual Dock 

This dock charges 2 DualShock4 controllers. On top of all the above, it also has two additional USB ports. All told, it can charge up to 6 different devices at the same time. There’s USB charging for PlayStation Eye, headset, keypad, iPod, and iPhone. It has a nice rubberized finish.  

The big advantage of this product is that it offers simultaneous charging, not just of your gaming controllers, but it also charges other types of devices.  

It also doesn’t come with sticker shock. It is quite affordable.   

On the downside, when it comes to charging performance, there are better products out there.  

2. PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

Let’s face it. If you’re into hardcore PlayStation 4 gaming, you want maximum motion.  

Maybe you’re getting emotional when you’re playing, and you want to move around. Maybe you’re weaving back and forth or just want to enjoy your freedom of movement as the game engages you on both the physical and emotional levels.  

Well, the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset has you covered. This great wireless stereo headset truly gives a fully immersive sound experience for serious PlayStation 4 gaming.  

Its earmuffs are very comfortable, and its audio quality adapts to all sorts of input settings. Not only does it have a sleek modern design, but its high-fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound is quite awesome. Few come close to it.  

On top of all of this, this device comes with augmented noise-canceling features. You can connect to your unit with a 3.5 mm audio cable if you want. It is compatible with PlayStation VR and other mobile devices.  

Its main advantage is its price point. It is quite affordable but not cheap. It is priced just right.  

It also delivers quite a bit on the wireless experience. There’s nothing quite like a full wireless sound.  

On top of all of that, it also looks good. It’s stylish and quite comfortable on your head.  

On the downside, it does have hinges that can easily break. Other users also complain that its sizing capabilities can be quite faulty.  

3. ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset 

This is a high-quality headset for gaming. It has a sleek look and delivers great sound quality.  

It features 5.8 GHz wireless technology so you can be quite far from your unit and still hear what you need to hear. It is powered by Pro Audio Quality.  

It also features a precise microphone. On top of all of that, you get a Dolby headphone 7.1 surround sound technology. It fits your head like a glove.  

The big advantage of using this product is that it enables you to truly enjoy absolute sound immersion. It is interference-free and delivers real surround sound.  

When it comes to the microphone unit, it is very precise and the sounds you send are quite clear. This unit is lightweight and easily adjustable. You can even use a mod kit that will enable you to use it within a 30-foot wireless range.  

The downside to this device is that the sound can sometimes cut out. Some users also complain that the battery doesn’t charge right from time to time. Others have an issue with its pricing.  

4. Turtle Beach – Ear Force PX22 Universal Amplified Gaming Headset

This device comes from one of the most well-known brands in the world of gaming headsets. This is a serious contender for the best PlayStation 3 gaming headset on the market.  

It features an efficient USB connection and it has a comfortable design. Its audio is clear and crisp.  

It is designed for all sorts of games so it can be that this is a universal gaming headset. It’s also very compatible with other devices like mobile phones, tablets, or handheld consoles.  

The big advantage of using this unit is that features independent volume controls. You can fine-tune the volume until it’s just right.  

It also has a dynamic chat boost so if your voice lags or somebody else has a weak voice audio quality, this system compensates so you guys get to communicate loud and clear.  

It also has a variant mic monitor so you can instantly monitor the quality of your mic and the system compensates as you talk. You can adjust this bass and treble boost until the sound is just right. All of these features combine to produce truly amazing PlayStation 3 gaming sounds.  

The downside to this product is that it is made of — some would claim — cheap plastic. Not surprisingly, other users report that it breaks easily.  

5. Elgato Game Capture HD

Let’s face it. A lot of gamers today are making quite a bit of money doing something they love. Gone are the days where you have to show up to an office and punch the clock, put in your time between 8 and 5, and punch the clock again to go home. You repeat this for two weeks before you get a paycheck. You cash in those dollars and you repeat this process for the next 30 years.  

Well, a lot of today’s generation are saying no to all of that. And that’s why there’s a big explosion in YouTube channels, Twitch streaming, TikTok content production, and what have you. 

A lot of these people use game footage. Why shouldn’t they? There’s a huge market and audience for games, and it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of jobs left unfilled in the United States because young people nowadays don’t want to work at a fast-food joint.  

Instead, they’d rather make money getting people to watch them play video games, and this is why if you’re looking to have a streaming side hustle where people pay you donations to play video games or YouTube pays you for every 1000 views of your video, you need to have the right hardware.  

This is where the Elgato Game Capture HD comes in. The Elgato has really made a name for itself when it comes to PlayStation 4 gaming.  

It is fully Twitch compatible, which is a big deal. Twitch is the main platform for streamers so if you want to make with your video game streams, you need to use Elgato Game Capture HD or something similar so you can capture your gameplay. 

What makes this hardware so awesome is that it easily connects to your PS4 and uses a simple single cable.  

On top of all of that, it has built-in social media sharing capabilities. It’s as if they designed this from the get-go with streaming for money in mind. 

The main advantage of this device is that features unlimited 1080p capture along with flashback recording. 

Social media sharing is so easy with this device. You can even do it without thinking. It also has a very small footprint.  

One of the big disadvantages of this product is that it requires an external power source. It is not battery-powered. Also, some people complain that its software is somewhat complicated.  

Well, the good news is that if you know how to figure out instructions and you are willing to experiment, you will eventually get the hang of it and fine-tune this device so it captures your game footage the right way, the first time around. This way you can start making money with your streaming channel.  

6. Universal HDMI Cable 

We picked this device because with the popularity of HDTV and 4KTV out there with HDTV backward compatibility, there’s really no reason why you should just stick down to a stripped-down TV for your PlayStation 3 gaming needs. When you use a universal HDMI cable, you will be able to get high-quality HD graphics. 

The best part about this device is that it’s compatible with all current gaming consoles on the market. Its 8-foot cable is just the right length. The main advantage of this device is that it connects your console to your HDTV so you can enjoy full HD graphics.  

The downside to this unit is that its length may not be long enough for some people. Some gamers have very big living rooms so it takes quite a bit of distance to go from the console to the TVs and other devices.  

7. Logitech PS4 Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel 

Let’s face it. If you’re using a handheld controller when playing a racing game, something gets lost in translation. It really does.  

Real driving has to be done with a steering wheel. There are no two ways about it.  

But for the longest time, racing game players are just stuck with controllers. Well, not anymore!  

This Logitech product hits the ball out of the park because it truly replicates the racing experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are racing a Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or any other exotic sports car in your favorite racing game.  

Thanks to this device, it will feel like you are behind the wheel and beating your opponents. In fact, this product has been voted as the best Force G29 racing wheel for PS4.  

If you’re a big-time Gran Turismo fan, this is the wheel for you.  

How come?  

Well, it features a 24-position real-time adjustment dial, complete with 900-degree wheel rotation. It is also powered by force feedback technology and has super responsive gas and brake pedals. Its stick shift is sequential so it feels like the real thing. 

And on top of all of that, this device also recreates the bumps, crashes, and traction loss that you experience when you are gaming. 

So, if you are looking for a complete experience along with the twists and turns as well as bumps on the road, this is the unit for you.  

Its main advantage is that it delivers a truly realistic gaming racing experience. It integrates easily with Gran Turismo 5 game functions, and the unit itself feels solid and responsive. It’s not cheaply made or clunky.  

Its main downside is that it doesn’t come with a power supply. Outside of Gran Turismo, it works only with a limited number of games.